By Kleen Freaks


Our new fully certified Anti-viral(virucidal) Anti-bacterial cleaner is exactly what you need to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Your antibacterial spray is great for bacteria but Covid-19 is a virus so it won't work against Coronavirus. Kleen-all is safe to use on hard surfaces and soft textiles and is also certified to work in the following environments: Food & Food Prep, Industrial, Institutional, Veterinary and Medical with a lot more. Just a few of the certifications his product holds are: EN1276 & EN13697 (bactericidal), EN16615 & EN1650 (yeasticidal), EN14476 & EN13610 (virucidal) to name but a few.

To use you simply spray the surface and leave or spread without removing, allow up to a minute contact time to allow the product to do its job then remove with a damp cloth leaving some residual protection on your surfaces. To use on soft textiles just follow the same instructions as above and for absorbent surfaces you just spray and leave. 

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